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Stefan Nordström - freelance Swedish digital marketing
Are you on the hunt for Swedish digital marketing, maybe someone who can help you out with Swedish content pieces or localization?
“Just use AI, Google Translate or a cheap translation agency”, some might say. Well, you could, but you can also almost be sure that the result won’t cut it.

Readers and search engines alike recognize when something is not up to par. Most of us can smell an auto-translated or badly translated text from miles away, and so can your target group. Are you sure cutting the costs are worth it? In the end, that will spill over on you and your brand.

That’s why you should hire a native Swedish writer for your digital content, localized or original. Find someone who understands the Swedish market, target groups, nichés, expressions and how to reach your audience. By doing that, you assure that you have a unique, fitting voice in Swedish.

Swedish digital marketing - why me, a freelancer?
Next question: why me, and why a freelancer and not an agency? Well, I guess I’ve gone through the needs part of this sales pitch now, now you’re hopefully more convinced that you need an experienced native Swede. My view is also that a dedicated freelancer has a more passionate and personal approach than a potentially big and impersonal translation or marketing agency.

I’m both an experienced digital marketer (consultant and in-house), and a varied content writer, proofreader and translator. I’ve been a part of many localization projects in marketing, and I know what’s necessary to make a text “fly”. Let’s go the extra mile and get that native speaker touch to your content – it deserves it!

Interested? Please connect with me on LinkedIn or e-mail at

Swedish digital marketing consultant

Digital marketing is in a very mature stage in Sweden. There’s a lot of hard and strategic work to be done if you want to make your mark, even if you’ve previously been successful in another market. This is easier achieved when employing a native Swedish digital marketer to scope out the market, strategize and deliver high-quality content.

It will likely cost more, I won’t lie, but isn’t it results and returns you’re aiming for? I’ve helped several companies successfully lokalize their content to the Swedish market.

Swedish content marketing consultant

Swedish content marketing

Do you have several active content marketing channels? Let me spin the content wheel in all of them, including planning, if necessary.

Native Swedish copywriter

Swedish copywriting

Native Swedish copywriter with long and varied experience. I’ll make sure your copy fits your market, audience and KPI’s.

Swedish SEO consultant

Swedish SEO

Sweden has a highly competitive SEO market. With local, high-quality, optimized efforts, you can make a real impact.

Swedish language consultant

Marketing content in Swedish is one thing, but do you also need an experienced native writer to translate or proofread your text? I’d definitely say so, not just because I’m partial and always looking for new clients. Directly or poorly translated content is all over the web and social media.

This type of content is not what ranks high on Google, builds a strong brand or sells products. Let me localize, translate and proofread to make sure it doesn’t become online cannon-fodder.

Swedish localization

Swedish localization

Localization projects need to combine high-quality hands-on work and effective strategy. Yours is far from my first one, so I know the tricks.

Swedish translation

Swedish translation

Premium Swedish translations from a native writer ensures that your text(s) will have the native touch and speak to the audience.

Swedish proofreading

Swedish proofreading

Are you looking for a native Swedish proofreader to go through your material? Great idea! I’ll proofread all types of Swedish texts.


What do my customers have to say?

Yeah, that’s me talking about myself and promoting my services. Here’s the other perspective; what my customers have to say.


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” As a medical writer for complex pharma and health-related information sites, Stefan does not only meet our high standards, but also contributes copywriting and SEO competence, ensuring that high-quality content is delivered before deadline. “

Anders Åker, Editor in chief DOKTORN / Add Health Media



My knowledge in digital marketing

  • Content marketing including digital strategy
  • Copywriting
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Social Media

Some of my digital expertise

  • Pharmaceuticals (product pages, disease symptoms, surrounding lifestyle etc.)
  • Health (nutrition, active lifestyle, workouts)
  • Finance (loans, insurance, personal finance)
  • Music (band websites, social media, selling music online)
  • Digital marketing (best practices, freelancing, marketing my own services)

My digital marketing background

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communication and IT (Stockholm University)
  • Content manager at Pensionskontakt (Loans and insurance)
  • Web editor at Meda (pharmaceuticals)
  • Digital project manager at Meda (pharmaceuticals)
  • Specialist digital & web at INGO (fuel)

A more detailed profile is available on my LinkedIn page.

A few of my clients:

Add Health Media - one of my freelance marketing clientsAddSecure - a company I've helped out with content marketingDynamic Code - one of my freelance marketing clientsEcoTree - one of my digital marketing freelance clientsEFI - one of my freelance digital marketing clients

Raketech - one of my freelance digital marketing clients

Skrivanek - one of my freelance digital marketing clientsVitalplus - one of my freelance digital marketing clientsZwebb - one of my digital marketing clients