Swedish language services

As a Swedish native with a proficiency in English, I can offer several Swedish language services. Some are digital marketing tasks, like SEO and copywriting. But I am also available for translations and proofreading. If it’s in Swedish or English, I’m who you’re looking for.

My background consists of working in digital marketing. Most of my experience is from the pharmaceutical industry, but I’ve also worked with nutrition, finance, technology and entertainment. As a digital freelancer, I’m ready to take on marketing material in any niche or business area.

Interested? Please add me on LinkedIn or e-mail at nordstromstefan86@gmail.com.


I’ve been writing copy for the web in Swedish for years. You can feel safe that I know all the tricks, and that my language is adequate. A lot of my writing has been complex medical texts.

But don’t worry if your material is the opposite. Changing gears is an important skill for a copywriter, and one that I do have. I also have experience writing for newsletters, social media and other digital platforms.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Successful digital copywriting for the web requires SEO proficiency. That’s why you should hire someone that has skills in SEO-copywriting. And, as you might suspect, I am an SEO-copywriter. This means that I know the balance between writing for search engines and writing for readers. Satisfying both means Google traffic, satisfied readers and new business.


I’m available for translations from Swedish to English, as well as vice versa. Marketing material is my home turf when it comes to translations, but I’ve also performed it for other types of texts. When hiring me to translate, you can be sure that you get a native Swedish speaker that retains the feel and flow of the original material.


Proofreading is a tedious task that many look to outsource. And if it’s in Swedish, you might not even be able to read it. Either way, I’m available. I can also proofread texts in English. Tediousness aside, a proper proofreading can rid a text of many damaging problems.

Do you need help with Swedish language services?

So, now you know what I can do. Interested in language services in Swedish and/or English? Please add me on LinkedIn or e-mail at nordstromstefan86@gmail.com.

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