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SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential part of digital marketing, and content marketing in particular. The purpose of SEO is to be visible on search engines such as Google and drive traffic to a website. There are several different methods, and also many opinions on how to do it in the best possible way.
Google and other search engines evaluate websites based on secret algorithms. It is up to those who work with SEO to do their best to create content that leads to visits, conversions or other business benefits. Different companies and business areas require different SEO solutions.

Organic and purchased SEO

Search engine optimized content is primarily designed organic visitors from Google to your website. Organic visit means a “deserved” visit, when your website is ranked high by a search engine because of their content. This article will focus on organic traffic.

How do you rank high on Google?

A search engine has an algorithm that does its best to find and deliver the most relevant content. It is important to create content that meets Google’s definition of quality. This is something that is constantly changing, which means that those that work in SEO must do their best to keep up with the updates.
The trend is towards an increasing focus on usability and behavior rather than specific keywords. It’s great to start with a keyword analysis and create good metadata. A website that visitors like to use is even more important. Don’t forget to think about adapting your content for long-tail keywords.

To rank high on Google

The difference between being number one or two on Google is huge. Assuming Ignite Visibility’s 2017 report you lose over 50 % of their traffic for a term when going from place one to place two. In some cases, these rankings differences determine a company’s whole profitability. The highest ranked pages on Google usually has good information and professional search engine optimization.
Because of that, the small details may be decisive as to who actually is at the top. SEO yesterday and today for a long time was the search engine optimization of the so-called “direct match”; it was beneficial to write content that directly coincided with what was searched for. Sub-headings could usefully for example be renamed to exactly what it was searched the most on the Google.
Today SEO is more about the Google calls search intention. It is important to provide the content that is most relevant to the search. In practical terms, this means an increased focus on readability and usability. Responsive design and UX design is increasingly central to rank highest.

Responsiveness and usability

A responsive website (adapted for all devices) is now extremely important to achieve SEO success and rank high.
There are a number of technical factors that become more and more important to achieve rapid charging. Charging time is even more central to mobile devices because users rarely have the patience to wait several seconds for a page to load. Surf around on your website every day and on different devices to detect usability problems before they affect your results. It’s worth it.

SEO copywriting

As a copywriter writes text to a web site, it is very important to have SEO knowledge. Sure, it is good with nice content on the website, but what good is that when you do not get any visitors? The best thing to do before you write than Article is to do a search on KWFinder. There you will find the number of Google searches on the search term, similar substances and extended versions of it.
This type of research is not as central today as many Google searches are long tail searches. It still gives an indication of how popular your topic is and whether it’s worth writing about it. To write about a topic that has very low search volumes may sometimes be justified.


There are several types of metadata that is important for your search engine optimization. These should summarize the contents in a great way and at the same time invited to click. One should not use the old methods called “keyword stuffing” where you enter keywords in a large amount without considering readability. Then one can instead be punished by Google and losing his place in the search engine altogether.

SEO analysis

Analysis is an incredibly important part of search engine optimization. When you write content, it is an excellent idea to use tools such as KWFinder or Ubersuggest that shows the terms that are searched for on Google.
It is also important to examine the sites and articles that rank high. What stands out in particular the content? Is there any content that you yourself could make a better version of? If someone wrote an article with 15 amazing ways to do something, write an article that includes 20 even more amazing!

URL structure and hierarchy

URL structure importance of an organized website with a logical structure can not be overestimated. If the levels of hierarchy in line with the information on the website and what you want to accomplish with their SEO is much gained.
However, this is something you need to plan at an early stage; before even starting to think about what items will be on the website. Many filling with lots of content, and in the end it is too late to migrate everything to a SEO-friendly structure.
My tip is to always start with a blank Excel sheet where you create the top of the hierarchy, and then fill in with the parts.

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