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Looking for a Swedish copywriter? You’ve come to the right place! I’m a Swedish native with digital marketing expertise, creating compelling copy with high-level research and SEO focus. If needed, I’m also proficient in English copywriting.

About Stefan Nordström (Swedish copywriter)

Stefan Nordström - freelancing digital marketing consultant and Swedish copywriter

  • Freelancing digital marketing consultant
  • 9 years of in-house and freelancing experience
  • Expertise: SEO, copywriting, newsletters, social media, content marketing
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Swedish copywriting with experience from many business areas

Over my career in digital marketing, I’ve been a copywriter in many different niches and fields. I’m eager to explore new ones, and I’m always comfortable researching and learning about new topics. Some of my previous experience includes:

  • Medical copywriting (symptoms, diseases, cures)
  • Pharma copywriting
  • Insurance copywriting
  • Finance copywriting (loans, crowdlending, crowdfunding)
  • Vehicles and fuel copywriting (gasoline, car inspections)

I’ve also been a copywriter in English in most of these fields. I am equally comfortable being a copywriter in both languages, so it’s perfect if you need copywriting in both Swedish and English for a multi-lingual website.

Why a Swedish copywriter?

But do you really need a dedicated Swedish copywriter? Isn’t Google Translate, AI (ChatGPT), or a cheap content mill good enough? No, definitely not. To create high-quality content for your specific audience, you need someone with an understanding for the local market. Drawing the audience in and converting them is about saying exactly the right thing, at the right time. This is not something you will get, unless you choose a native Swedish copywriter.

Tonality and brand voice

The way a company presents itself on its homepage or social media is its voice and personality. I always make sure to do the research, finding the right voice for the company, product(s) and target groups. Sometimes it’s more sales-oriented, sometimes it’s more factual. The important part is to do the research.

Swedish SEO-copywriter

SEO copywriter

As I am also a professional in SEO (search engine optimization), you can be assured that the Swedish or English material I produce as a copywriter or translator for the web will drive as many visitors as possible.

Many copywriters are simply copywriters, which can be a disadvantage when writing texts for the web with the intent of driving visitors and making sales. I know the things you can do to optimize the material and make it rank as high on Google and other search engines as possible.

Looking for a Swedish copywriter?

Convinced that I am the right person for your Swedish copywriting? Great! The easiest way to contact me is to add me on LinkedIn or e-mail me at nordstromstefan86@gmail.com.