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Looking for someone to help out with Swedish SEO? Well, you’ve to come the right place! I’m a digital marketing professional from Sweden with dual language skills and competence in both SEO and copywriting. I can plan, create, translate, refine, proofread and/or publish SEO content in Swedish. The same goes for English language content.

About Stefan Nordström (Swedish SEO freelancer)

Stefan Nordström - freelancing digital marketing consultant and Swedish SEO

  • Freelancing digital marketing consultant
  • 9 years of in-house and freelancing experience
  • Expertise: SEO, copywriting, newsletters, social media, content marketing
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Can’t anyone handle the Swedish SEO?

My answer to that question is definitely “no”. International and/or multi-language SEO is tricky, and it’s not just about the language. You need a good understanding of the market, which requires a local expert. Swedish SEO can’t be handled by Google Translate, AI or a content mill. To rank high and drive business, you need a Swedish SEO expert that can deliver quality in every step of the process.

Swedish SEO experience

My experience in SEO extends to working for several companies in Sweden. I’ve been in pharmaceuticals, loans, insurance, gasoline and several other fields. I’ve also extended my SEO knowledge by working as a digital marketing freelancer since 2019.

Finding the right person to perform services in an unfamiliar language can be tricky. That’s why I’m offering my SEO and digital marketing services pertaining content in Swedish.

Swedish SEO services

Here you can read more about the specific SEO services I can offer in Swedish and/or English.

SEO copywriting

My most common digital freelance service so far is SEO copywriting; writing texts that ranks high on Google and drives new business through websites. I can do these projects in Swedish, English, or both.

SEO strategy

To be successful in SEO, you often need to work out a strategy, looking at target groups, behaviours and other unique variables. I can help you find the right way to find the maximum amount of digital customers.

SEO research

Search engine optimization is a field that requires research. First off, I’ll need to dive into the topic at hand to learn more about what information people search for. Based on that, along with analysing the competitors, I can give a recommendation on which content to make.

SEO refinement

Search engine optimization is a long-term commitment. Content is never perfect, and it needs to be analyzed and improved over time. I can take a look at your existing website, Swedish or English, and tell you how it’s performing.

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