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natural voice reader - text to speech, TTS

Finding a natural voice reader (text-to-speech, TTS) was a big step forward for me as a copywriter and content creator. Especially when it came to my process. More than big enough for me to write about and share in this article.

But what is a natural voice reader? And why is it so useful? I’m about to tell, and how I used it as a way to improve my writing. It’s something that every content creator should try. So keep reading!

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What is natural voice?

But what is natural voice? Well, it means several things. My Google competition is everything from song coaches to artificial intelligence. That’s a bummer. Because I want all the traffic!

Anyway, this is about natural voice readers: websites where you can have your texts read by a human voice. You can paste or upload your writing. It’s usually possible to download an audio version of your creation. Natural voice readers are also called text-to-speech (TTS).

What’s so special about a natural voice reader?

I’m slow getting to the point, so I guess it’s time: what’s actually so special about natural voice readers? What can you gain as a copywriter and/or content creator? Well, it’s a whole different experience. Instead of reading your articles as an editor, you can lean back and actually listen to your writing. It’s a whole different experience. Guaranteed!

You get a whole different feel for the flow in your writing. It’s also a very good way to find errors beyond spelling and grammar. Text-to-speech also highlights repetitions very well.

When is it time for a natural voice reader?

I keep talking about the process. So when in the process is it actually time to put your text to speech? I believe it’s a very individual thing. Personally, I finish the article, check spelling and grammar, proofread and edit before the natural voice reader.

I believe this process results in true quality assessment. The natural voice reader is the true language touch, after the reading, editing and fine-tuning. It allows me to become the reader for real.

So the process is something like this (it definitely doesn’t hurt to start over and redo steps):

  1. Research
  2. Writing
  3. Proof reading/editing/fine-tuning
  4. Tonality and branding check (if applicable)
  5. Keyword check (if applicable)
  6. Spelling and grammar check
  7. Natural voice reader/text-to-speech

It’s just something that vastly improved my process. I believe it will improve yours too. I’ve noticed a big quality difference, and I believe my customers notice it as well.

And happier customers mean less time on revisions and more projects. More efficiency, more money, more everything. Not to mention that it flat out just improved my writing.

A natural voice reader just gives a whole different reading experience. You’re truly put in the reader’s perspective. Writing mistakes just became so much clearer. It’s a true shortcut to writing like you talk. Which I believe is what we all want to do in the end.

What are the options out there?

There are many natural voice readers out there. The quality varies, and the paid options are usually better. I use the free platform Natural Readers. Or well, it’s free up to 20 minutes per day. It’s far from perfect, but good enough to discover the errors I’m looking for. And it can also handle Swedish, which is my main copywriting language.

Another option is TTSMP3, which has a limit of 3000 words per day.

Looking for a content expert?

So, now that you know that I’m elaborate enough to listen to my content: why won’t you hire me? I’m a digital content expert focused on copywriting and SEO. I’ll help you create digitalc content that increases your sales and builds your brand. Copy and SEO is not all I do, so please ask me whatever it is – as long as it’s digital marketing.

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