What is an SEO copywriter and where can you find one?

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SEO copywriter

An SEO copywriter is a writer with expertise in both SEO (search engine optimization) and copywriting. But why do you need one? Isn’t it enough to hire an SEO professional or a really good copywriter to achieve your digital business goals?

No, it’s really not that sample, since the competition on Google and other search engines is very high. Today, almost every company works with content marketing to some extent, which means you need to be a lot more than just OK to stand out in the crowd.

In this blog post we’ll look at what an SEO copywriter is, and what it can offer you. Also, why should you hire one and where can you find one?

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What separates an SEO copywriter and a traditional copywriter?

But let’s start with the basics: what does actually distinguish a SEO copywriter from a traditional copywriter? First off, SEO copywriting is based around keywords. These keywords are search terms that are attractive and relevant on search engines, such as Google. Usually, you find them by doing a search analysis where you look at the number of searches, the competition and the keyword relevance. For instance, this particular text aims for people who search for “SEO copywriter”, as well as more specific terms like “what is an SEO copywriter?”.

The goal is to create the content that has the best information about the topic, to attract visitors from search engines and find more customers. That’s why you need an SEO copywriter who knows how to do it, rather than a traditional copywriter that lacks the same broad knowledge.

SEO copywriting – a combination of skills

The fascinating part about SEO copywriting is that it combines seemingly separated disciplines – the lively creativity from copywriting needs to be combined with the science and analytics of SEO. To be a good SEO copywriter, you need to find the right balance.

This balance is rarely obvious, and it can vary between different tasks, websites and articles. Also, SEO is a constantly changing black box; we never know what Google is doing and the changes the next update will bring.

Together these factors create the need for an SEO copywriter, at least if you want to rank high on Google. Only being good at writing or SEO isn’t enough, you need perform well in both aspects, especially if you’re in a highly competitive niche – and which niche isn’t today?

Basically, it’s about writing material for humans, but still having the search engines as machines in mind. Aside from that, the content needs to be connected to an underlying digital strategy; how else will it contribute to the increase in revenue that you’re looking for? It’s just like it sounds – many things need to come in place for search engine success.

SEO copywriter – the title and its background

But when did we start using the title SEO copywriter? Well, it’s hard to pinpoint, but probably sometime in the dawn of SEO, as the focus was moving from keyword stuffing to high-quality writing. Suddenly, the competence from pro copywriter was needed, and more and more SEO professionals had to learn how to write, or hire and SEO writer.

Today, I frequently see the title SEO copywriter in people’s LinkedIn profiles, and it’s also an in-demand term on Google and other search engines. Of course, my ambition is to be one of the SEO writers that are highly visible on Google. One of the tactics in my arsenal are optimized blog posts, such as this one.

How did I become an SEO copywriter?

Personally, I never actively aimed to become an SEO copywriter. On the contrary, it was something I became during my evolution as a digital marketing professional, as I found myself working at a company that created a lot of content.

As a previous music reviewer and writer in other areas, it become natural to write content about the company’s topics. The content became more and more SEO-focused, and the more we did that we noticed that it resulted in increased visitors and new leads.

When I started freelancing, SEO copywriter was a natural title for me. Of course, I so many other things, but SEO writing has been a central task. Luckily, the need for this type of content only seems to increase, and I have been lucky enough to explore many new niches as a freelancer.

Becoming an SEO copywriter

Are you thinking about becoming an SEO copywriter? That’s awesome, because it’s both a developing and challenging discipline. But how do you start? Well, a good way to get going is a broader digital marketing education or specialist education in copy and/or SEO. Another option is to pick up the skills online. The paths are many, and also depends on whether you want to work as an employee or a freelancer.

A good starting tip is to have a website or blog where you write and optimize your content. It’s a way to gain practical knowledge and attract customers at the same time. I speak from experience about this; I’ve learned immense amounts of about SEO by optimizing this website, as well as my band’s website. Fact is that the latter has thousands of visitors per month now. Hopefully, this site will have the same in the future.

Do you need help with search engine content?

Did you come here to find an SEO copywriter to help create optimized content? Well, you’re in the right place – I’ve helped many companies with content leading to more visitors and, most importantly, more business.

Interested? Contact me by adding me on LinkedIn or e-mail nordstromstefan86@gmail.com.

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