digital nomad

What is a digital nomad and what do they do?

I am a Swedish digital nomad originally from Stockholm. I’ve spent the majority of 2019 traveling to destinations like United States, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Covid-19 put a brief halt to this, but I’m looking to get out again as soon as possible.

Here you can read more about the digital nomad lifestyle, and also how I hope to specifically live it. Get some … Läs mer


Digital nomad in Kampot, Cambodia

Cambodia’s Kampot is a place that’s getting more and more popular. The main reason is that previous expat hot-spot Sihanoukville is turning into a Chinese casino town.

However, the proximity to Sihanoukville is not the only thing making Kampot grow more popular. Kampot has many things that makes it draw digital nomad and expat crowd in for way longer than they intended. This is my … Läs mer

wp-admin issues

wp-admin issues – going blank without loading after login

WordPress and the wp-admin environment has worked like clockwork for years. I’ve never had issues. Suddenly, the wp-admin (WordPress admin environment) started going blank after I logged in. The problem came without warning and persisted for days.

I decided to tackle the problem head on to stop my wp-admin from going blank. In this state I was unable to publish and edit content. Not exactly … Läs mer