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Swedish localization services

I am a freelancing Swedish digital marketing consultant with a broad skillset, e.g. copywriting, SEO, newsletters, conversions, and much more connected to content marketing. I’ve been involved in several Swedish localization processes. Throughout my experience, I’ve learned to perfect the workflow and perform as smoothly and as quality-oriented as possible. Many of my clients appreciate this.

What is localization?

Localization is the process of adapting products and/or services to a different market. One example is content for homepages, social media and other digital platforms. In this article, I’ll talk about digital content lokalization. It’ll specifically show you why you need a hire a native speaker, and also why I could be a good option.

Why is it important to hire a native speaker for Swedish localization?

According to me as a content marketer, there is no replacement for having a native speaker when working with localization. Firstly, there’s the basic matter of knowing the language and writing solid copy, without mistakes and errors. But it’s just as important to know the market you’re localizing your content for.

For quality Swedish localization, you need to adapt/adapt to:

  • Local target group(s)
  • Cultural nuances
  • Products, brands and their properties
  • Images, illustration and other visual content
  • Dates, measurements, and other local formats

If this is not done properly, a local consumer will likely recognize it, and it will effect the overall impression of your content and brand.

Can’t Google Translate and/or AI do it for you?

If you want localized content that truly captures the audience in the local market, it’s unlikely that ChatGPT och Google Translate can do it adequately. Actually, I’d say it’s never enough. The content that meets your customers on online platform is a primary point of contact, and you need it to match your products, services and overall brand. If it feels haphazard or cheap, that impression will inevitably spill over on your company.

Why should I be the one to localize your Swedish content?

I have the means and experience to help you out with your Swedish localization project. Previous experiences includes localizing content from English, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and French. Are you interested in acquiring my services? Please reach out by adding me on LinkedIn, or e-mailing nordstromstefan86@gmail.com.