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Are you looking for a Swedish content writer to help you out with Swedish content? Then you’re in the right place. I’m a native Swedish writer with a long, diverse background in digital marketing, both in-house and as a freelancer.

About Stefan Nordström (Swedish content writer)

Stefan Nordström - freelancing digital marketing consultant and Swedish SEO

  • Freelancing digital marketing consultant
  • Native Swedish content writer
  • 9 years of in-house and freelancing experience
  • Expertise: SEO, copywriting, newsletters, social media, content marketing
  • LinkedIn | Mail | Instagram

Why a Swedish content writer?

First off, let’s begin with the question many people have on their minds: do you actually need a native Swedish content writer? Isn’t translation services, AI and other tools enough to make it work? Well, maybe if you want your content to be passable, but certainly not if you’re looking to drive traffic, build your brand and sell. Swedish content for a Swedish audience requires a content writer with a good understanding of the market, culture and target group(s). To create high-quality content, you need to invest in it.

Generally, the companies who succeed in content marketing dive in with both feet. If you do it half-way or comprise, it’s likely that it will have far from the desired impact. And yes, quality content can be expensive, but it’s also through investing you get the noticeable results.

My background

I have a long and diverse experience in digital marketing, both as a freelance consultant and in-house employee. This has given me a good understanding of the Swedish market, and many different niches within it. My SEO expertise also gives you an SEO-copywriting perspective, which can be valuable to drive more traffic from Google and other search engines. I’ve helped companies with web copywriting, newsletters, social media and much more.

Looking to hire me for your Swedish content?

Are you convinced I’m the right person to help you out? Awesome! Get in touch with me by connecting on LinkedIn, or e-mail me at nordstromstefan86@gmail.com. Let me boost the content for your Swedish audience!

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