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I’m a freelance copywriter, originally from Stockholm, Sweden. Since I started freelancing, I have been living as a location-independent digital nomad, helping companies with copywriting, SEO, newsletters, digital strategy and many other things.

But, first and foremost, I am a freelance copywriter in English and my native Swedish. Most people prefer a native English copywriter for English content, but I’m here to convince you otherwise.

But anyway, what can I offer you as a freelance copywriter, and what are my specialties? Hang on, and I’ll present myself, my skill set and experiences and niches. Or are you already convinced and ready to hire me? No problem, just contact me through the information below.

Stefan NordströmAbout Stefan Nordström

Digital marketing consultant
7 years of experience
Expertise: SEO, copywriting, newsletters, conversions, digital strategy

Five reasons to hire me as a freelance copywriter

Here are five straight-forward reasons to hire me as your freelance copywriter:

  • I know SEO just as well as copywriting – my material will be both informative and engaging, while also ranking high on Google
  • I have an eye for research and will provide you with in-depth material that will help establish you as an expert in your topic(s)
  • Communication is important, therefor I make sure to be clear about what you as a client will get from me – and also what you will have to provide yourself
  • If you’re looking to create content as a part of a digital strategy, I have experience in both creating and implementing strategies
  • Variety and audience adaption: my motto is that we should write content as we speak, but that haven’t stopped me from creating plenty of high-level medical texts as well

Freelance copywriter niches

As a freelance copywriter, I’m willing to research and dive into almost any topic or niche. But if you’re a complete generalist, you’re good at nothing – isn’t that what the marketing books say, at least? I’ve narrowed it down to six niches where you can consider me a specialist content creator:

  • Pharma
  • Health and nutrition
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Digital marketing

Pharmaceutical copywriter

Since I’ve spent the majority of my career as an employee in pharma, it’s only natural that it’s my main niche. It’s hard to find a therapy area I haven’t touched upon digital content in at this point, and I’ve done everything from site copy to newsletters for both the public and health professionals.

Read more about my experience as a pharmaceutical copywriter ->

Health and nutrition writer

As a freelancer, I’ve been working a lot as a nutrition writer, helping supplement companies provide informative and selling information about vitamins, minerals, and much more. Nutrition and overall health has definitely become home turf for me, and I’m always looking for more clients in this field.

Finance writer

Finance is another niche that I have plenty of experience in, both as an digital marketing expert and a freelance copywriter. More specifically, I’ve created content about loans, insurances, fintech, personal finance and much more.

Travel writer

As a location-independent freelancer, I have traveled a lot – and like so many other travelers, I love to write about it. If you’re looking for pieces on different destinations or scoops on different aspects of traveling, I’m your copywriter.

Music writer

One of the reasons I became a freelance copywriter was to have more time for my music. As an underground musician, I have a lot to offer anyone looking to create content about music; everything from songwriting and promotion to the life-style realities.

Digital marketing copywriter

Last, but not least, I have created a lot of content about digital marketing. It’s, after all, what I’m educated and most experienced in. If you’re looking for a copywriter to help you grow your digital marketing business through content, you’re in the right place.

Hire me as a freelance copywriter

Convinced that I’m the freelance copywriter for you? Let’s get started! Get in touch by adding me on LinkedIn, or e-mail me at

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