Stefan Nordström – digital marketing consultant

My name is Stefan Nordström and I am a Swedish freelancer that is ready to take on most tasks in digital marketing. My special knowledge is content marketing (practical and strategic) on various platforms, copywriting, SEO (search engine optimization) and promoting channels in social media.

I am simply someone who is an expert in driving visitors to websites and other digital platforms, and then engaging them and driving them to purchase or against other goals. Copywriting and SEO are my top areas, but I am ready to take on most digital tasks if needed.

My knowledge in digital marketing

  • Content marketing including digital strategy
  • Copywriting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media

Some of my digital expertise

  • Pharmaceuticals (product pages, disease symptoms, surrounding lifestyle etc.)
  • Health (nutrition, active lifestyle, workouts)
  • Finance (loans, insurance, personal finance)
  • Music (band websites, social media, selling music online)
  • Digital marketing (best practices, freelancing, marketing my own services)

My digital marketing background

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communication and IT (Stockholm University)
  • Content manager at Pensionskontakt (Loans and insurance)
  • Web editor at Meda (pharmaceuticals)
  • Digital project manager at Meda (pharmaceuticals)
  • Specialist digital & web at INGO (fuel)

A more detailed profile is available on my LinkedIn.